Thursday, January 20, 2011

UPDATES ON FUNDRAISERS and other fun stuff

Due to my calendar on gmail not wanting to coroporate with me (it has a bad attitude) I will be posting fundraiser/event information here. You can also find us on Facebook (just put Reed's Relief in the search and it pops right up) we will also post on the events page.

Due to some issues with the venue we have had to postpone the event. We are currently working on finding a new venue and setting a new date. This will be a fantastic event! Check back soon for the update.

Located in the South Park Shops,
5217 Library Rd.
Bethel Park
Look for us in the tent!
Music will be provided by Heads Up, they will start playing around 8
There is NO cover for this event!!!!
We will have a Silent Auction & 50/50 Raffle
Tickets will be available that night for the upcoming Beer Tasting (TBA)

We NEED people who can cut fabric/sew/crochet and/or knit! By taking on a new hospital (should be able to announce this VERY soon-sooo excited!) we are increasing from apx 250 packages a year to over 1000!!!! WE NEED HELP!!!!!! I have a fantastic team already working hard but they need help! BAD! If you are interested in helping please send me a message. Do your friends sew, crochet or knit? Ask them if they would like to help. We pride ourselves on providing handmade items, I know how much his blanket and teddy bear mean to me.

We are still running in Indianapolis at Clarian North and will be supporting at least 1 maybe 2 hospitals in Pittsburgh and there are talks of another chapter opening in Detroit! Volunteers are always needed, if you can't sew etc. but would like to be involved in helping bring smiles to families when they are few and far between please let me know.

Check back for updates on the Beer Tasting and if you are in the Pittsburgh area mark March 11 on your calendar!!!

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